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farewell and goodnight [Sunday
October 3rd, 2010
I'm making the move to blogspot.  Turning 5 years shy of 30 has made me realise that if I don't get rid of this pinkjellymouse - pink what? pinkjellymouse! Oh so cute! - now, it'll only get more difficult with time. 

Let me know if you want the new url.

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Album Releases [Saturday
March 1st, 2008
I got this list together with releases I - as well as what I thought some of you - am looking forward to. 

24 September
PJ Harvey - White Chalk

25 September
Matt Pond PA - Last Light
Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War

2 October
Annie Lennox - Songs of Mass Destruction

9 October
Band of Horses - Cease to Begin
The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust

16 October
Underworld - Oblivion with Bells

30 October
Saves the Day - Under the Boards

6 November
Sigur Ros - Hvarf/Heim

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pleasant smell [Tuesday
October 2nd, 2007
In a brown envelope covered with tons of Harry Potter first day cover stamps, proof of my remarkable capability (not to be confused with love for) with kids finally arrived.  Can I just say that I think some pple actually like carrying babies because the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment you feel when you finally get that wailing thing to keep quiet and start sleeping is overwhelming? 

And also because I know no one will believe me without these.

This is the family that's on the other side of the world that nobody knows I have for the simple reason that my aunt left Singapore for UK when she was 16 or 17?  That's William and I'm his aunt.  His mom, Mae-Lee is my cousin.  She works for a construction company that did our new Terminal 3.  Will's abt a full 2 months premature and barely a month old here, which explains his cat-sized body and freakishly chicken-feet-like fingers, and the doctors think it's because of Mae-Lee's liver problem which led to high-blood pressure etc. and them having to get the baby out or risk losing 2 lives.  A few days ago, my aunt emailed to say that Will might be deaf and that his skull wasn't forming well and still a bit too soft for an infant his age, but I guess things will sort themselves out.

A happier picture.
Uncle Mel and Joe in his full Pepe Reina get-up or whatever that Liverpool dude's name is. 
Joe's the son of my other cousin, Michael (Mae-Lee's older brother), with a penchant for the ladies.

Beth, Joe's younger sister. 
She is honestly one of the cutest kids I have ever ever met.  When she first saw me she just stared at me all the way to the couch and then randomly picked a plastic truck off the floor and shyly dropped it into my lap like it was some rite to display her acceptance of me.
But everybody says she's the stupid one.

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better version of me [Thursday
September 20th, 2007
Now we all know the only person I can blame for my cuntfaced state is myself.

But I suspect I'm not going to stop anyway.  And I'm pretty sure if I were to google  "[any random thing] + bone fracture/healing", it'd more likely than not have an adverse effect on the healing process anyway.

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hungry eyes [Wednesday
September 12th, 2007

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in the walls [Wednesday
September 12th, 2007

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if you leave [Thursday
September 6th, 2007
I can't think of a lousier day.
  1. Pavarotti passed away.  I have no idea why this is affecting me so much but I do think the world will be less of a better place without his presence.
  2. My grandmother who's in the hospital (again) had a blood clot in her leg, which if not removed, will result in it being amputated.  The problem is whether her heart and age can withstand such a surgery.
  3. The doctor put me in the cast for yet another 2 weeks.  There goes a crutchless-limpless birthday, there goes the Real Run, the StanChart Marathon, there goes New Zealand at the end of the year, there goes my general peace of mind and happiness.  I can't explain it, I'm numb to this shit yet it still affects me so much. 
  4. I'm stuck on facebook.  If you want, the email associated with my account is pinkjellymouse@hotmail.com

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bittersweet bundle of misery [Tuesday
September 4th, 2007

I know they're construed to not be too cool or respectable these days (coz they aren't, ha!)
so I thought a really rocking live pic of their concert was a better shot at whetting your interest in their upcoming gig.

Linkin Park @ Singapore Indoor Stadium
13 November, 8pm

Apparently there's this thing they started - Projekt Revolution. 
And erm, that's all I know.  
It should be abt global warming?  Coz that's really like, so fashionable these days.
I do know that Placebo are in on it with them (the embarrassment), along with a few other cookie-cutter rock/political/rap/'emo' bands.
Uh, yeah.
Seriously, how did he get so high up!
It should be fun seeing them again after 3 years?
*info courtesy of tan kai fong
(who disses their political 'agenda' in that video but will probably still want to go all the same, as will I)

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what you waiting for [Tuesday
August 14th, 2007

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sit down [Friday
August 10th, 2007

If I were 10 years younger I'd be absolutely thrilled to be on crutches, just like her. I think she looks fantastic in the first pic complete with that too-cute, to-die-for blouse and mouse (is that a rat?).

I asked to freeze my gym membership for 1.5 months and was told that it could only be done in blocks of whole months so I should just put it on hold for 2 months instead. I refused, and took it down to a month. That's how soon I think I'll be able to head back, how soon I want to head back. Just 3.5 more weeks of this misery and I'll be able to limp my way anywhere I want, YES.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs kick ass but really, why do they always have to release EPs!  EPs just beg for downloading.

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i can't relate to your mistakes [Tuesday
July 31st, 2007
It's been an exciting and busy period considering the new albums from Sum41, Stars, Tegan and Sara and Silverchair were all released ard the same time but I've finally gotten down to listening to Sum 41's Underclass Hero. The anticipation for Underclass Hero was tremendous since Chuck was such a good album that I'm not ashamed to have an entire post dedicated to what some might call pubescent punk. It was quite possibly their strongest album for me, and I really loved that they did sound like they were growing up, something which resounded very nicely with me since I felt like I was growing up at that point in time.

Fact: If you think an album is quite possibly the strongest, anything after probably isn't.

There are 3 kinds of music listeners in the world. Those that know immediately whether they like a song upon hearing the opening chords, those who are more patient and will give a song a few listens before deciding, and those who listen to a song and wish they were listening to Beyonce/James Blunt/Michael Learns to Rock instead. I fall into the first group. In my defence, I'm not impulsive - I've never changed my mind abt a song I like immediately and I've yet to start liking a song I hate on the first try.

Out of the 15 tracks on the album, only 3 songs made me click back on my media player to take note of their titles, a far and desolute cry from their previous albums. Derek Whibley's voice has undergone a transformation that's out of this world. And by out of this world, I mean undesirable. As soon as I heard "Underclass Hero", I immediately went to their official website to make sure he was still the vocalist . He was. That grown up sound was definitely lost, the riffs weren't catchy-pop-punk-turn-me-up-loud-as-you-go, they didn't even sound like their fun younger selves. Somewhere along the way, amidst the Juno-winning and walks down the aisle, Sum 41 got sucked into the wasteland of Good Charlottes and Click5s while trying to 'mature' like Bon Jovi, ending up in the worst possible state any band can end up - as background music.

Listening to Pieces from Chuck actually saddens me now. One can only hope they remedy this by retiring on a semi-high, recalling all copies of Underclass Hero from the stores or coming out with an outrageously fantastic album within the next 6 months. But all's not lost, there were some tunes that prevented me from deleting the entire album from my hard drive. Ma Poubelle was an interesting experiment that I can only imagine came abt as a serenade to Avril Lavigne and her nationality. King of the Contradiction wasn't my cup of tea but was perhaps an indication of their going the direction of Grinspoon at a later time; and Best of Me just, well, feels as though Whibley's standing right in front of you, sorry for this half-assed album and pleading for your continued support because for now, this is really the best he can give.

This is making me depressed. I thought I'd listen to Sum41 first since they seemed the most suitable for a perk-me-up but now, it looks like 5ive will have to do.

Back in the good ol' days, when it's not in what you do, more in what you say.

Back in the more grown-up days.

And just coz I really dig this remix.

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it's a motherfucker [Thursday
July 26th, 2007
I fractured my ankle on Monday night and it's been in a cast since Tuesday morning.

my tumour/tapioca/boil (*delete as applicable) of an ankle

I always knew my right ankle was weak but I never really expected it to go through anything more than a sprain or twist, so when I passed the A&E dude my x-ray and he promptly said 'yes you've got a 3-part fracture', and told me that they'd be fitting a cast onto my leg soon, I was just stunned into silence.  How do you really deal with news like that right, besides acknowledging it and shrugging it off with an "Oh ok", while the doc goes on with his business of contacting nurses, preparing the prescriptions for super-painkillers and your 5-week medical certificate. 

Then suddenly my runs came to mind and I just had to ask how long the cast would be on, and how long I'd take to fully recover.  Even after I was told it'd be abt 6-8 weeks, I still had to ask whether I'd be able to take part in any runs in 2 months' time. 

- No, sorry.

So I shut up, and looked ard the room and saw on the wall a framed comic strip with the caption below "laughter is the best medicine".  Instead of making me laugh, I started tearing so uncontrollably that the doctor was slightly surprised and thought that the pain had suddenly just worsened.  I'd really been looking forward to all the upcoming runs and thought that they'd be fantastic buildups to the marathon in December and I was getting so excited abt all the registrations to sort out but now I guess it'll just all have to wait till next yr.  And then I realised that the Cure concert was next wednesday, and Gwen Stefani just 2 weeks after and then it really all got terrible. and I started sobbing embarrassingly.  I'm still going for the concerts, but it's terrible knowing that you can't jump madly abt or even stand to clap.  And then I remembered SingFest and the treacherous Fort Canning Green slope and it was just too painful trying to remember all the acts that I'd miss so I just started spacing out.  I hope I'm well enough for the Urban Legends tour though, that's end August right Angel?

This sucks ass.  Sure it's a pretty novel experience using crutches but that's abt it.  I haven't been out of the house for 2 days and I already feel like I'm wasting my life away, depending on others to help me with whatever.  I can't even get myself a glass of water because both my hands have to be on the crutches at all times.  My stairs are too narrow for me to use the crutches so I've to sit down on a step, use my hands and good leg to slowly push myself up to the second floor.  Remember that scene in Gattaca where Jude Law had to heave himself out of his wheelchair and up his spiral staircase to answer the door so Ethan Hawke wouldn't get found out, that's what I look like, that's what I feel like - disabled.  I need a plastic chair in the shower so that I don't have to balance on my left leg all the time (which already is starting to feel the strain but thank god for all those balancing yoga poses) and can sit down when washing my hair.  I can't wash the dishes after I've eaten because I can't even bring the dishes to the sink, I have to get my mother to fetch me my meals and clear up after I'm done while I sit at the sofa watching shit tv worrying abt my work.  I have never depended so much on everybody else in my entire life and I really, really, hate it.

But, I decided to go back to work and here I am now, feeling slightly better.  Although it still feels like shit needing my colleague to help me with my laptop, synchronising my toilet visits with hers, or going to the pantry to fill my water jug up and all that, I guess it's still be better than lamenting and rotting at home.  

I'm supposed to look on the bright side anyway right?

Well at least, when the bone heals, it'll be stronger than before.  At least when the cast comes off, my right calf will be visibly thinner since the muscles would all have softened and disappeared due to the total inactivity and I'll have smaller calves, even if it's only one calf.  At least my arms would have gone through a good workout what with supporting my weight on the crutches.  At least I'll save money by not shopping or eating out.  I got a surprise phonecall from my brother last night, who for all of his dumbassed-ness and aversion to responsibility, just wanted to make sure that I was ok and imparted all his cast-days knowledge to me.  But perhaps the most immediate upside of this is that I perpetually look like I'm wearing uggs, albeit a few seasons too late.

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what a wonderful world [Sunday
July 22nd, 2007
On the way back from another numbingly depressing visit from my grandma's, this song came on over the car radio and staring out the car window in a rare moment of silence from my father, it just made everything, the world, seem better.  There were an amazing number of pple out jogging and it strangely pacified me knowing that these pple were out doing something they wanted - getting fit, losing weight, spending time together.  I observed those wearing patella/knee guards and felt weirdly connected to them.   I wondered whether they were top bankers or still at the bottom of the ladder after years of slogging (or not) and whether it even mattered to them or not, and watching them trod along in search of health, I believed that it didn't.  I thought abt whether it mattered to me, and with the tinkling notes in the background, I think I'm pretty confident that it doesn't as well.  What a bold statement.  I guess only time will tell.  We drove past houses with yellow labradors stretched out watching the cars go by and golden retrievers barking at spraying garden hoses and it all seemed like such a perfectly relaxed world that I believed it to be so.

Hopefully, this helps you along the way as well.

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all the rage [Thursday
July 19th, 2007

Funeral for a Friend
8 September 2007
Pavilion @ Far East Square
Early bird tickets at $75 a pop till 5 Aug, $85 thereafter

I'm not a terrible friend but they're one of those Further Seems Forever (if not only for the same number of Fs) and My Chemical Romance fail-proof sorts and it should be a jumping good time, so anyone?

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bus stop boxer [Monday
July 16th, 2007
When my father stops working/driving to work/relocates to his new office, at least I know there'll be an alternative mode of transport to work with seats guaranteed!  Thank you ComfortDelGro!  Even if it's at a crazy price of 5 bucks...  Whoever would have thought that measly Mariam Way would have caught the route-planner's attention? 

You know what this means?  It means that I can actually wake up after 7am, can you believe that, maybe even after 7.15am. 

Read more here to see if you're affected as well. 

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imagine [Wednesday
July 11th, 2007
Sometimes the world can suck and you wonder if you're a dying breed of idiots who continue paying hundreds of dollars a year on cds to the amusement of records labels and artists whose only concerns are where they'll get their next high or inspiration, or both and then something like this comes along and gets you right where it matters and you know that even if it kills you, you'll always be that one last idiot who continues paying hundreds of dollars a year on cds. 

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there's a woman inside of all of us [Tuesday
July 3rd, 2007
Christina Aguilera has the most powerful voice I've ever heard live.  She has also got to be the only artiste I've seen with stage sets, dancers and costume changes.  I was so pleased she did Come On Over but I absolutely hated the new big bandish twist she gave it I didn't recognise the song at all save for the lyrics; guess she's over her teeny bopper days then.

As soon as I saw the silk curtains I knew it was going to be a diva-esque affair

Is that an elaborate set or what.  Human dartboard, trapeze, firethrowers, acrobats, stilt-walker, the whole 9 yards.

the grand finale

And who did I manage to get to go with me?  The purrfect Christina Aguilera concert goer!

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we step through london, the streets holding onto us [Tuesday
July 3rd, 2007
The last time I was in England, I was cold, tired and miserable half the time.  My brother and I were  lugged ard places we had zero interest in and had to wake up at 7 in the morning to make the most of the free B&B breakfasts, we fell asleep on the double decker buses and got scolded by my father as a result for missing all the sights, we were made to queue for hours to look at a bunch of jewels encased in glass that were worthless to us, we sulked (and as a result look disgustingly ugly) in photos.  We swore never to go on a family holiday for the rest of our lives.  On top of that, I had to deal with the emotional distress of knowing that I was in a stupid, failing relationship.

10 years on, I'm still tired; but everything is just peachy.  Thanks to central air-conditioning in the office and dare I say a more 'developed' attitude towards holidays, I'm right at home with lugging 25kg of shit ard train stations, 14 degree summers, walking insane distances, cramming the London I want to see into 3 days, and waking up at 7 in the morning for those free B&B breakfasts.

In 13 days, I managed to see London, see Bath, meet pple from parts of the world I never knew existed, see my aunt and cousins and nieces and nephews, as well as spend an entire month's salary.

Big Ben & the Parliament Houses

Westminster Abbey flowers

Dolores O'Riordan @ Koko
She shamelessly (but much to the delight of everyone) did some Cranberries stuf. 
I hate her new look - rebonded dyed black hair and black skinny jeans and baby black polo tee but that woman really does have the voice of an angel. 
Sadly, the average age of the crowd was abt 35 and the pple I spoke to were 2 sad probably gay middle-aged duds.

Just one of the many amputation sets from the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garrett.
It reads: 1 saw, 2 spare blades, 2 forceps, tweezers, bone shears, 5 amputation knives

What they used for skin grafting in the 19th century.
You pick up the skin targetted with that section in the centre and then just snip it off with the normal scissor-like blades.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
I finally got to see the Merchant of Venice!  I remember having to play Portia for that one act we did in sec 2 and amazingly still remember all my lines.  It rained though.  I had to stand on my poor aching feet for 3 hrs in the rain, but it was all worth it!

The rather disappointing Tate Modern.  All the exhibitions I've seen of the Tate Modern were awesome, but this really wasn't that great. 
I'd allocated half a day there but only managed to spend 3 hrs.

Stonehenge, just a bunch of stones really.  No, really.

And then I was in Bath for my conference from the 18th - 22nd and it is amazing.  It's like a Jane Austen and Charles Dickens land quaintly placed in a little European village in the middle of the countryside, but not forgetting a River Island and HMV in the city centre.

Because kaif said that everyone looked like they could have all been from the same country and I'm sure you care nothing for their names,
from L - R: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, 2 Surinames, 2 Thais, India
Mr Oman (Muhammed) and Saudi Arabia (Azaar) were my best friends during the conference - Muhammed really really reminded me of Nishal, the way they speak and their mannerisms are so similar ok I'm not kidding; and Azaar really reminded me of Fez from That 70s show, the hair was all there, trust me.

Our 'social' event - a game of skittles at a local pub.
I can imagine how terribly geeky it must seem to have 2 teams named Operators and Regulators, and...I have nothing to say to that.

Most of the conference delegates might have come from developing or third world countries but their hearts and spirits put me to shame.  Everybody I spoke to wanted to contribute to society, to make things better for 'their people', I got the impression money was really the last thing on their minds, even if it wasn't - everybody's favourite topic was how expensive everything was (and how English food was the worst food in the world).  Being ard pple like that, it really inspires you, because you can feel that it's not all just talk and frills and make-believe.  This one Nigerian, he'd been in the banking sector for 12 years and then one day he just suddenly decided that all that didn't mean shit to him and that's how he got into telecommunications, right at the bottom at the age of 39.  I can safely say I know heaps more abt the business than him and he wasn't afraid to admit it.  I've never met anyone keener and more humble and more driven to make a difference.  The conference was really quite useless given how developed our frameworks are compared to these other pple, but it's definitely been the most valuable one I've been to.  In those short 4.5 days, I think we all ended up definitely much more than just networking contacts, and I learnt something I doubt I'd have the opportunity to at home. 

I remember having a 2 hr conversation on the last day, after everyone had rushed off to their trains and coaches, with this man from Dubai.  We had just finished lunch and had abt a 3 hr wait till our trains arrived so we just sat in the empty restaurant talking.  I don't remember his name or which company he was from, but I know for sure that it was one of the few moments in my life that I just wanted to go on talking forever.  And no, it's not because he was goodlooking or anything like that, he was probably older than my father and not my type (or any of yours I'm sure) at all.  We spoke abt religion, terrorism and Islam, the erosion of moral values, capitalism, books, human nature, fate, Singapore's missing identity, everything that pple normally talk abt with that air of superiority or self-importance or stubborness, and yet here was this man just talking abt them not trying to be smart, clever, impress his ideologies onto me or anything that could be sickening, and it was refreshing.

On the lone trainrides cross country, I constantly kept thinking abt how I wanted to be like them.  Yes, money's always going to be an issue and a government job isn't exactly the most awe-inspiring glamourous job and pple are always going to subconsciously (or not) think 'oh cushy job with security, low pay and no prospects, Loser!' when I tell them which sector I'm from but when you meet pple like this, you want nothing more than to stick it up to the snobs and try to give a little.  And I really hope I can at least achieve that little bit before breaking.  I'm not terribly confident I can do it, but at least I'll try.

And then it was on to Suffolk

My aunt's lovely garden.  My uncle planted every single thing in that garden, he even built the bird baths and that pavilion!

And the lovely room they had for me.

And then York to visit my cousins and nieces/nephews.

And back to London, safe from floods and storms.  I managed to squeeze in Monty Python's Spamalot at the Palace Theatre and it was fantastic!  It definitely couldn't beat the Holy Grail (which it was loosely based on) but it lived up to that as best it could on a stage. 

The extremely cool British Museum

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stop, drop and roll [Friday
June 8th, 2007
Thanks to Van who constantly keeps checking back with the lousy asian livenation website, I now know that both the Cure and Gwen Stefani are coming to Singapore!  It just might be possible that this year beats last year's gig lineup!


The Cure's performing 1 Aug.
Gwen Stefani's still unconfirmed.
But oh wow oh wow oh wow. 

Consolidation of ticket orders so we won't be faced with disappointment (I couldn't resist) starts now.

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u-g-l-y, ugly that's what you are! [Wednesday
June 6th, 2007
I dislike Maria Sharapova.  I dislike Federer's face as well, but at least nobody is making him out to be a hottie.

Skills aside, why should she be anything?  Why does everyone make her out to be such a hottie?  Take the height and blonde hair away and she's a chubby faced girl with a too small mouth and your average european girl.  If it's really all abt height and long blonde hair then I guess Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything - Julie Newmar is a babe as well. 

I hate the her face, I hate her dangly earrings she wears to play and I hate her supposedly fashionable tennis dresses.  Tell me, do you really think this is a good face?

weird nipples too, why do guys love her!?

OK I'm being biased, nobody can look good in a candid shot at play.  This is the best I could find.

I rest my case.

And since we were briefly on the topic of tennis outfits look at this fool.  As if being a beefcake isn't embarrassing enough, he has to wear stupid outfits.  So much money in the world and he chooses capri pants, clam-diggers, pedal pushers.  Even if he thinks they're cute, they hardly look functional.  

I'm hardly an authority but I pretty much dislike everybody who's doing well in the French Open.

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